Those Days

It has been over four months since we all are locked in our houses in India. Initially when the twenty one days lock down was a declared in the month of March, then we all were stumbled and lost our mind of how is this going to happen. But as a week passed rather ten days passed then gradually we started to adjust with our own people. Even , I am sure most of us is trying to do something new and productive like, cooking new dishes which we only previously ate in our favourite restaurants and food courts, then doing some beautiful handmade works, reading books and novels, dancing, singing, making our bonds stronger with our loved ones and what not.

This pandemic is every day leaving lot of impacts in each individual’s life either in positive or negative way…

So let’s convert this lock down period to find our true selves and harness the positive values embedded within us.

Thank you so much for reading!! Hope you will also find your true self and try to update yourself for a better tomorrow.

The Land Of Diversity

Yes you are right I am drawing your attention towards India, seventh largest country in the world as per area and second largest in terms of population.

India is a country of rich culture and heritage. Even one of the seven wonders of the world ‘ Taj Mahal’ is also a part of our country. Taj Mahal is famous all over the world but there are hundreds and thousands of such monuments which is even not known to us – the Indians.

We don’t only have a strong background in history but also have been gifted with many world renowned scientists and mathematicians who have strengthen our grounds in science and maths. Like, zero was introduced by Aryabhatta who was an Indian, plants are living organisms was discovered by Jagdish Chandra Bose. These were the few discoveries which has gave the world the fundamentals of maths and botany. Even there are many astronomical observatories located all over India from which many astronomical observations have been made that have been a turning point in the initial research of astronomy.

But I feel that our country is considered as a country which could have never civilised , if the colonial power the British wouldn’t have emerged as the new power in the political horizon in the seventh century. Which is not correct. Yes, we have been beniffited in many ways. But it is completely inappropriate to say that without the colonial rule we couldn’t have reached the position where we are today.

Now if I mention about our own people who consider there birth place not worth of residing, then how can we blame the outsiders who have such wrong perspectives towards India.

It is my request to all those Indians who think India is a third grade country with no infrastructures, then you are mistaken. We are a global power now and the complete world looks forward to us of producing more and more such talented Indians who would leave India and contribute their hard work for other nations. But is it correct? Definitely not because if you start to build your carrer here and then leave the country then you are ditching the country which has been looking forward to you for not doing something great but for some loyalty of returning at least a percent of what you have taken.


Hello everyone!! I am Shrestha Dey from the land of Unity in Diversity, India. I am a student of grade 8 and fourteen years old. It takes me immense pleasure to step into the world of Social Media and be a part of this renowned site, where I can share my views, articles as well as essays. Thank you everyone!! Looking forward to read your blogs soon in the near future. Have a cheerful and healthy day ahead!